воскресенье, 21 августа 2011 г.

Saturday with family

Saturday passed extremely well! i spent it with my relatives in country house far from city bustle.it was the amazing evening. moreover , it was raining this day. i think everyone in Almaty rejoices when the heat abates. so, after a supper  i with my brothers and sister decided to go to the cinema on the latest showing. almost all the tickets were sold therefor we had no choice and bought the remaining ones to the movie called "The Devil's Double". actually i did not like it. i think there are too much violence and vulgarity in the film.
however it was the first time for me when i went  to the night showing at the cinema. the movie ended at 
01.00  am. it's the first i've seen all the shops closed in trading center. it was unusually quiet and calm. as if all fell asleep. all in all i really enjoyed that time. i want this day again before my departure . hope everyone of you had a good weekend :)


                                                sweet couple: my brother and his fiancée

                                   these black and white photos made by Niko (brother's fiancée ) 

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