четверг, 11 августа 2011 г.

I've got it

that's my first post on blogspot.com. i'm really happy by this reason. and i want to share with you what happened with me this morning. today i woke up in a bad mood. however, by afternoon it changed. i've visited the site of  UK border agency then checked status of my visa application. and guess what? visa and other documents were ready for collection. i was sooo happy. at the same moment i twit it and write this good news in facebook. after that blissful minutes i decided to go and take documents. all these days when i waited the answer to my application i was afraid of being refusal while close people around said that i didn't need to worry. so, i understand that in that cases you should believe in the positive results. don't afraid. everything will as you want. just BELIEVE.

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